Working up a Storm in the midst of a Hurricane

Although SHSU has been closed for the weekend, and classes are cancelled for (at least) tomorrow, LEAP Ambassadors found ways to be productive.

Saturday night involved extensive scrapbooking, a task that we undertake 2-3 times a year to catalog our 140 or so  events per year.  There was a festive aspect to this, inasmuch as several LEAP ambassadors had birthdays this month.  Because many of our members are Hispanic, we had tortas, tres leches, and horchata, along with feaux-Mexican decorations.

LEAP Ambassadors, Fiesta

But we also got work done, cataloging events from January through July, events consisting of a presidential inauguration, a visit from the Texas Supreme Court, travel throughout the Gulf Coast Region, book-signings, and various volunteer events.

SHSU, LEAP Ambassadors, Scrapbooking

That productivity was repeated on Sunday morning, even as Huntsville, TX was flooding.Hurricane Harvey, Flooding, Huntsville TX, LEAP Center

We hunkered down at Stephanie’s house, with our “team mom” offering a menu of egg-related options.

And, again, we undertook a three-hour planning session for the fall semester’s events.

SHSU, LEAP Center, Fall Retreat

Our fall schedule includes a trip to Austin, a trip to Washington, DC, and a trip to Caddo Lake.  It also includes volunteerism for non-profits and city offices.  And, of course, it includes our normal retinue of film showings, guest speakers, multi-week programming, Moot Court, and other educational opportunities!