Discover Local With the Chamber of Commerce!

August 31, 2021

Morgan Roberston

This past Tuesday the LEAP Ambassadors and SHSU student Jocelyn Vazquez attended the Discover Local Community, Commerce, and Cuisine at the Walker County Fairgrounds.

Upon entering the grounds, we were greeted by many smiling faces, who directed us to the ballot box for the prize entry giveaway of $500 dollars!

We entered to win by obtaining stamps on a bingo sheet from the different booths which we would then enter in the drawing at the end of the night. We took our bingo sheets and began maneuvering around the Expo.

As we began to make our way around to different venues of businesses, restaurants, and organizations, with full hands we quickly realized we would need a place to store all the informational handouts, goodies, and business cards. Once we had a bag in hand, we began to accumulate different stamps, and more importantly, learn more about Huntsville.

With booths ranging from bakeries,

non-profit organizations,

campus departments

…clothing stores, car dealerships, medical institutions, many local businesses, and, of course, our Huntsville City government.

The event was an amazing way to learn more about our community. In addition to learning about businesses, we were able to meet several people who positively impact Huntsville through the Chamber of Commerce.

Continuing our way through, collecting all the stamps from each venue to enter in the bingo contest, we wishfully turned our sheets into the raffle drum and found a table to watch the giveaways. When it came time for the grand prize of $500 dollars, Chamber President Ray Hernandez and Wiesner GM Clint McLaren (Wiesner, generously, was the Presenting Sponsor) stepped up to draw and announce the winner… “Morgan Robertson.”

Without even realizing that my name was announced, Jocelyn, Yvette, and Jessica turned towards me to express their surprise that I had just won the grand prize, sponsored by Texas Grand Ranch! I stepped up to the stage and posed for a few pictures, while being congratulated from every which direction.

This was an amazing celebratory finish to a wonderful night getting to learn more about Huntsville.