LEAP Welcomes Back Students (And Faculty, Too)

By Jessica Northam

To kick off to the semester the LEAP Center opened up its doors to incoming freshman, transfer and current students to come by and see what LEAP is all about. With about roughly 70 students throughout the night, we enjoyed delicious ice cream, cookies, sweet tea, and the chance to see school friends again.


In preparation, we set up The Holcombe Room with decorations, a prize wheel…

Brian Aldaco As Pat Sajak
Brian Aldaco As Pat Sajak

…and, of course, ice cream and other snacks and refreshments.

As might be expected with free food on campus, there was a line awaiting the open of the event.  Later, we would have a packed house.


We were happy to note that, in addition to many students…

Alexis Gordon and Alex Galvan
Alexis Gordon and Alex Galvan

…Dean Zink, Dean Nardone, Dr. Waggener, Dr. Mahoney, Dr. Svenson, Dr. Bittick, Dr. Enia. Dr. Haase, Dr. Wang, Dr. Evans,  Kristin Trojacek, Belinda Myers, Deanna Briones, and Jennifer Knapp all attended as well.


Although folks seemed to enjoy the prizes, the t-shirts were definitely the most wished for. But even after the prizes were gone, many of the students hung around, catching up on their summer activities and their plans for the fall.


We hope that some of those plans will involve LEAP Center events, the dates for which were provided at the ice-cream social.  For those of you who missed it, here’s a calendar for the next month or so:

  • September 12, 19, 26, and October 3: heART of Huntsville
  • September 14 (4:30-6:00): LEAP Open House (LSC Art Gallery)
  • September 20 (2:30-3:45): Legislative Staff Panel
  • September 21 (6:00-7:15pm): Pre-Law Society Meeting
  • September 30 (6:00-8:30): Walter Brennan/John Wayne Film Festival
  • October 8 (9am-1:30pm): Mock LSAT