JCPenney Suit Up

September 12, 2021

Yvette Mendoza

LEAP Ambassadors get suited up at the JCPenney sale event hosted by Sam Houston State University’s Career Success Center. Jessica and I were ready to buy an array of clothes and shoes for business attire at a 30% off discounted price, only for students! We came in hoping we would get good deals on the clothes we wanted, and we both can agree we came out satisfied. The suit-up event was well organized and had a great selection to choose from.

As we walked in, we signed in at a table that had an array of prizes for giveaways and goodie bags.

Our baggies contained a 30% and a 20% off coupon as well as some snacks and water. We were extremely eager to begin shopping and to see who would win the prizes during our time there.

As we walked through the store, we searched for what was only under the racks that had a “suit up event” sign. The first section we stopped at we absolutely loved since it offered a variety of slacks and blouses.  Jessica and I even got matching blouses and found the perfectly fitted slacks for each other.

Continuing our shopping adventure, we saw nicely fitted blazers where Jessica found the perfect one for her.

Our final stop was at the shoe section, and it was so hard to choose without buying more than one pair, but Jessica and I found the right pair of heels for us that fit each of our styles.

At last, we couldn’t leave without trying on our amazing finds in the fitting room. Where we began to select the perfect buy for us, despite us knowing that we loved almost every outfit we chose. As we checked out, we had huge smiles on our faces knowing we added nice pieces to our LEAP-business attire wardrobe. Although we didn’t win any giveaway prizes it was more of a prize to be able to know we got suited up at such a great price!