LEAP LEADs: Preparing for the Workforce

Mario Ocampo, November 2, 2021

LEAP Leads

For our Fifth LEAP LEADs meeting of the fall semester, we had the honor of having Vinessa Mundorff as our guest speaker. Currently, Vinessa Mundorff serves as the Associate Director of the Career Success Center at Sam Houston State University. In her presentation, Vinessa Mundorff eloquently covered the changes we are all experiencing through the COVID pandemic, and the steps we can take to be successful in finding future careers. LEAP LEADs members gained knowledge on how to construct an excellent resume and about the resources we have at our disposal through the Career Success Center.

With our minds full of newfound knowledge, we transitioned to the next task in the evening’s agenda, the delectable food. We enjoyed local fare from Huntsville’s very own McKenzie’s BBQ. Our mouth-watering meals ranged from fresh pulled pork, chopped beef, pork spareribs, and were complemented with traditional southern sides. Along with our meal being delicious, the portions were abundant. To say we were all satisfied would be an understatement.

With our appetites satisfied, we turned our attention to applying the interview tactics Vinessa Mundorff covered in her presentation. In addition to the presentation, Professor Yawn outlined the different questions employers may ask and how to best prepare for them. Unbeknown to us, we were going to be tested on our newly taught information.

Instructed by Professor Yawn, a mock interview followed, including Yvette Mendoza as the interviewee and Catalina Padron as the interviewer. Starting as a one-on-one mock interview, we transitioned to a vigorous mock panel interview. Both students were able to showcase their newly learned skills. Unfazed by difficult questions, Yvette Mendoza kept her composure and conducted herself as a true professional. This example illustrates the initiative LEAP LEADs students are taking to expand their personal professional development.

We are very grateful to Vinessa Mundorff for the informative presentation, and the knowledge we gained will prove to be invaluable to LEAP LEADs students in our future endeavors.