LEAP Center Students Explore International Careers: FBI, NASA, State, Pangea


LEAP Center Students had a great chance to explore international careers as they met with representatives from the State Department, NASA, FBI, and the non-profit organization Pangea.  It was a rare chance to get face time with representatives from these groups, and the LEAP Center students were the only college students on hand to take advantage of this opportunity.


Although the students knew much about opportunities with the FBI and the State Department, the students were exposed for the first time to the work of Pangea, which provides resources to women  in developing countries.  And while the students were familiar with NASA, they hadn’t thought of NASA as an international career option.  But after hearing of their hiring practices and the International Space Station, we realized that NASA was not only Interstellar, but also International!

SHSU Students Listen to NASA's Grier Wilt
SHSU Students Listen to NASA’s Grier Wilt

Students received numerous tips for how to achieve a career in international affairs, including:

  • Make good grades
  • Learn about another culture, by studying abroad, if possible
  • Learn a second language
  • Do internships, particularly those with international connections
  • An advanced degree is preferred but not necessary

Happily, these tips fit right into the LEAP Center’s mission, which is to broaden horizons, stress academics, and gain internships in the professional world.

The students spent the bulk of their time with the always generous John Roberts, from the State Department…

John Roberts & LEAP Center Students
John Roberts & LEAP Center Students

…who amplified on these tips, and encouraged the students to apply to the State Department.  In fact, he discussed the possibility of coming to SHSU with the hopes of following up and recruiting additional students!

John Roberts with LEAP Center Students

Law-School Preparation: Kaplan and the LEAP Center offer SHSU students Mock LSAT


Each semester, the LEAP Center partners with Kaplan Testing to offer SHSU students a Mock LSAT–a real LSAT test that provides students with an evaluation of their current performance on the test.  This semester, some 50 students took the practice test.


There were a couple of unusual factors about this semester’s exam.  First, Ryan Brim, a 15 year old, took the test, and he performed quite well.  In fact, he scored in the top half of the group.  Second, Jamey Portina, an SHSU freshman, scored a 175, probably the highest score ever recorded from an SHSU student.

The LEAP Center and Kaplan will offer another practice test in early February, followed by an LSAT Prep course on campus this spring.  The classes will take place on Tue and Thu, with the first class being Tue, March 17.  Students will attend two meetings a week through Thu, April 16.   This provides seven core learning classes of four hours each and three practice tests.  By offering such courses on SHSU’s campus, the LEAP Center hopes to provide students with the resources needed to improve their scores, build a network of aspiring lawyers, and promote education about the legal field.

Students who would like to sign up for the course should go to Kaplan’s website.  SHSU students will receive a discount.  Students interested in the discount or additional details may contact Kaplan’s Regional Manager Kayla Briel: kayla.briel@kaplan.com.