Mark Burns Presents The West

LEAP students, past and present, headed to the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts to see “American Landscapes” by Mark Burns. Featuring more than 50 photographs by a photographer deemed a “modern-day Ansel Adams,” the exhibit captured the beauty and the mystery of The West.

More than 100 people showed up for the opening reception, and Burns was also on hand to greet people and discuss his work. With Burns, that is always a treat, with stories of each shot reflecting more of the West and its mystique.

For Victoria, the best in show was from The Grand Canyon, a shot taken on the Winter Solstice (and LEAP was there!).

Olivia’s favorite was from Yellowstone, a shot of Old Faithful.

All were interesting.

Of course, one of the special aspects of the show is that LEAP students have been to several of the locations photographed by Burns, and, in fact, LEAP students were with Burns on locations for some of the photographs in the show.

So, it was a reunion of sorts, and a great chance for three generations of LEAP students to get to one another and continue their lifelong learning.